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classic 6th gen deathray kendama

Image of classic 6th gen deathray kendama


This is the classic deathray 6th gen we with the classic sick look... ghost gray with pink marble like color . it's cast this way not painted like the splat sires , so no paint chipping here . also has the OG deathray pin stripes and the DR on the tama in black ... and don't forget it's hand cast resin with a re enforced core to help to prevent the ken from breaking , that's known to happen with regular resin kens ....

Now I currently have two for this week one has a pink and gray tama and the other is a pink and blue marble tama so make sure to pick the right one in the option menu ..

Deathray death grip for some of the more tech ken tricks

Re enforced ken core to help prevent breaking

Cast in resin color , so no chipping

Classic sculpted tama bead

And last but not least , the hole on the tama is a different color so you can spot it for a sick landing every time .

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